Startup, Marketing, Graduate School



Experience as a founding member at Origami, Inc.

Took a leave of absence from PhD in Marketing at Columbia University and gained hands on marketing & BD experiences.

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Passionate about technology and innovation, I was a founding member and the Head of US Operations at a mobile commerce startup called Origami (, which raised $5M and was selected as iTunes App Store 2013 App of the Year in Japan.

Prior to joining the world of technology, I was a (Quantitative) Marketing Ph.D. student at the Columbia Business School where I worked closely with the world’s leading marketing scholars to develop quantitative (economic & statistical) models of marketing phenomena. Prior to Ph.D., I served as an associate economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, financial analyst at Goldman Sachs, and consultant at Deloitte.

I like products that help us worry less and smile more.


Coffeebreak, Inc.

  • Founder 2014/1 - 現在


  • Founding Member – Product & Marketing 2012/6 - 2013/9

Columbia Business School

  • PhD Student / Research Assistant 2010/9 - 2012/7

Goldman Sachs

  • Summer Intern 2009/6 - 2009/8

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

  • Associate Economist 2008/7 - 2009/5


  • Summer Associate 2007/6 - 2007/8

Goldman Sachs Asset Management

  • Intern 2006/9 - 2006/11