US Water Heating Industry and MarketにおけるMarket structure, industry regulation, product trendsについてお話できます

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    1. The role of regulation in the water heating market
    2. California market
    3. Validating new technologies and product solutions


    2005年1月 〜 2009年2月


    Chief Marketing Officer


    Market structure
    Market analysis
    Water Heater Market Regulation
    Government relations
    Sales channels and market segments


    Rheem Manufacturing Director, Gas Tankless Water Heating



    Nexus eWater / Chief Sales & Marketing Officer



    Bob Hitchner leads sales and marketing for the sale of the eWater Recycling System – the first Home Water & Energy Recycler. The eWater Recycling System provides a pathway to drastically lower net-energy and net-water use in both new and existing homes.

    Bob seeks to extend his network in the residential built environment with innovators who are seeking to build value and sustainability into each new home. Bob seeks new connections with home builders, architects, renewables professionals, policy makers and related media, especially in the Western United States.

    The eWater Recycler builds water and energy recycling into the very infrastructure of the home. It processes and recycles the two constituent components in a home’s grey water: The water itself, which is treated to the near-potable standards of NSF-350, and the energy (heat) that is embedded in the water.

    Prior to joining Nexus, Bob headed up marketing and sales functions at two different gas tankless water heater brands, Noritz America Corporation and Rheem Manufacturing. An avid student of business globalization, Hitchner invested his early career years as a consultant in Japan. He is an East Asian Studies graduate of Harvard University and fluent in the Japanese language.


    • Nexus eWater /Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

      2013/1 在職中

    • NORITZ America Corporation /Vice President, Sales and Marketing

      2010/1 2011/7

    • Rheem Manufacturing /Director, Gas Tankless Water Heating

      2005/1 2009/2