Privacy Policy

VisasQ inc. (“VisasQ” or the “Company”) operates Spot Consulting matching service and other related services. VisasQ has set forth the “Privacy Policy” and is committed to protecting personal information that enables to identify specific individuals (“Personal Information”) of its users, business partners and other parties that is in its possession.

  1. In consideration of the nature of our Company’s business, the Company will appoint a manager responsible for personal information management and collects, uses and provides Personal Information in a lawful and appropriate manner. The Company shall only use Personal Information to the extent necessary to achieve the specified purpose for which the information was obtained and will take measures not use Personal Information beyond the purpose of use.
  2. The Company shall comply with laws and regulations, guidelines set out by the Japanese government, and other norms as well as internal rules when handling Personal Information.
  3. The Company shall manage Personal Information appropriately by providing education and training to its employees and implementing necessary and appropriate security measures to prevent leakage, loss or damage of Personal Information which we manage.
  4. The Company will establish a Personal Information Complaints/Consultations Contact Point for any inquiry on Personal Information management and the Company’s Personal Information protection management system. The Company shall appropriately respond to claims or inquiries on Personal Information.
  5. The Company will continually revise and improve its Personal Information protection management system to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to protect Personal Information.

Enacted: March 4, 2016
Revised: January 14, 2020

Eiko Hashiba
Co-founder and CEO
VisasQ inc.

Personal Information Consultations Contact Point
VisasQ inc. PMS Officer
E-mail: [email protected]
10 am to 5 pm (JST)

Handling of Personal Information

  1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
    The Company shall only use Personal Information which it obtains to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use specified below.
    <Retained Personal Data (Personal Information Subject to Disclosure)>
    1. Providing our services
    2. Conducting questionnaires, seeking respondents and processing payments as necessary in connection with the Company’s services
    3. Providing information on the Company’s services and related seminars
    4. Communicating transactional information with the Company, enforcing agreements, managing transactions and managing income and expense
    5. Improving and developing the Company’s services and marketing
    6. Responding and following up on inquiries
    7. Contacting and providing information to those who wish to join the Company and carry out recruitment activities
    8. Contacting employees, providing information and employees/personnel management
    9. As for the Shareholder’s Personal Information
      • Exercising legal rights and performing duties
      • Providing benefits including shareholder benefits program
      • Managing shareholders based on laws and regulations
    <Personal Information Provided or Entrusted to the Company (Not Subject to Disclosure)>
    1. Personal Information collected in relation to outsourcing contracts Exercising rights and performing duties set out in outsourcing contracts
    2. Utilizing Personal Information obtained from job hunting and offering sites for recruitment related activities When Personal Information is provided from third parties, in cases where separate policy is set out for the use of such Personal Information, the Company shall utilize such Personal Information in accordance with the third party’s policy.
  2. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
    1. In Full-Support Matching, the Company may provide Advisor’s information relating to business knowledge and experience (without disclosing individual’s name and contact information) to our Client(s) or prospective client(s) (which may be outside Japan or countries and regions which the European Commission has not confirmed adequate level of data protection) who wish to use the Company’s service including, but not limited to, Spot Consultation and Survey opportunities.
    2. In Full- Support Matching, the Company shall provide Advisor’s name and contact information to our Client(s) only after obtaining the prior consent from the Advisor.
    3. With regard to users who have applied for Team-Plan Individual Members or Group Management Function Individual Members, the Company shall provide the registered name, the latest career information and contact information to the relevant Team-Plan Corporate Members and the relevant Group Management Function Corporate Members. (This is only applicable to Self-Matching cases.)
    4. The Company shall not provide Personal Information to any third parties without prior consent from the individual to whom such Personal Information belongs, except to the extentduly required by the laws and regulations.
  3. Outsourcing of Personal Information Management
    The Company may outsource all or part of Personal Information handling to third parties. In such case, the Company shall perform appropriate supervision of the third parties according to the Company’s rules.
  4. Procedure to Request Disclosure of Retained Personal Data (Personal Information Subject to Disclosure)
    The Company shall respond to disclosure requests of retained Personal Information (including notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of the content, termination of use, erasure and suspension of provision to third parties, collectively “Disclosure”) concerning the person himself/herself as stipulated by laws and regulations.
    Please send an e-mail to the “Personal Information Complaints/Consultations Contact Point” below to request Disclosure. The Company will send “Personal Information Disclosure Request Form”. Please confirm and fill out necessary items on the Personal Information Disclosure Request Form and send back the form to the Company. If the request is made by the person himself/herself or a representative, the Company may ask for personal verification documents. In principle, response to Disclosure requests will be made by the Company through phone call, FAX or e-mail. There is no fee charged for the Disclosure procedure in principle, however, if the response is desired to be provided by mail for “notification of the purpose of use” or “disclosure of Retained Personal Data (Personal Information Subject to Disclosure)” the Company may request JPY600 for registered mail service postage fee for sending the response. Please contact the “Personal Information Complaints/Consultations Contact Point” below to request Disclosure.
  5. Personal Information Protection Manager
    Corporate Group Personal Information Protection Manager
    *Please refer to the “Personal Information Complaints/Consultations Contact Point” for the contact address.
  6. Personal Information Inquiries Contact Point
    Please contact the “Personal Information Complaints/Consultations Contact Point” below for any inquiry on Personal Information management.

    <Personal Information Complaints/Consultations Contact Point>
    VisasQ inc. PMS Office
    9F, 4-7-7 Aobadai, Meguroku Tokyo 153-0042, Japan
    E-mail: [email protected]
    10 am to 5 pm (JST)
  7. Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization and Consulting Complaints
    The Company is a target entity of the following authorized personal information protection organization.
    The below organization handles complains/consultations concerning Personal Information management.
    JIPDEC, Personal Information Protection Complaints Desk
    12F Roppongi First Building, 9-9 Roppongi 1-chome, Minato-ku Tokyo, 106-0032 Japan
    Tel: 0120-700-779 (this is not a contact point for VisasQ services)
  8. The Company Website
    1. Access Log
      The Company’s website collects access log information including user IP address for system management purpose. Access log information includes domain names, IP addresses, browser types and access date, but it does not usually include personally identifiable information. However, the Company may identify individuals by using access log when it becomes aware and notifies that a user is violating the Company’s Terms of Use, or when the Company researches, detects or prevents unlawful activity including misuse of the Company’s services for fraud and unauthorized access.
    2. The Use of Cookies
      The Company may send cookies (small pieces of file placed in user’s device) to user computers when he/she visits the websites. The purpose of cookies is to distinguish a user’s computer from others and improve performance and user experience of our website. Under initial default setting, most browsers accept cookies, but users may choose to block their cookies. However, please note that if users block cookies, certain parts of our website my not function correctly. Below are major third-party cookies the Company uses. Third party cookies are cookies provided by a third party which is used to improve user experience. Information collected via third party cookies will be handled in accordance with the privacy policy of the third party. Please note that the following table may be changed due to changes in cookies, pixels or any other names or numbers of technologies. Some third-party cookies may be disabled (opt-out). Click on the link below to disable these third-party cookies.
      Name Purpose Opt Out
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      Intercom Providing customer support chat function If you do not wish to receive cookies, please refrain from using our website
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  9. GDPR
    The Company is based in Japan and it shall handle Personal Information in accordance with the Japanese Personal Information Protection Law and related guidelines. Users shall understand that Personal Information that belongs to individuals residing in the European Economic Area (the “EEA”) is protected under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Company processes such Personal Information in accordance with the following policy.
    1. Minors
      User who is considered a minor in his/her national is prohibited from applying membership registration to the Company’s website. The Company does not handle Personal Information of minors.
    2. Extraterritorial Transfer
      Personal Information may be transferred from Japan to Japan and outside EEA, to the extent permitted by the Japanese Personal Information Protection Law.
    3. Right to Personal Information Portability
      Users may request that his/her Personal Information collected by the Company is transferred to another specified organization. The Company shall cooperate with the request to the extent possible.