A new way to maximize your professional experience

Use your free time

You can provide 1 hour
consultation during your free
time, outside your current job.

Anywhere in the world

You can participate from
anywhere in the world. Most
are phone consultations.

Get paid

You will be paid a
compensation for
the consultation.


and global consulting firms, financial institutions and many more.


Your high quality intelligence
is needed across all industries.

  • Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Medication
    & healthcare
  • Finance
  • Real estate
  • Media
  • Retail
  • Experience
  • New Business
  • R&D
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  • Global
  • Production &
  • Sales
  • IT
  • Professional

How it works

  1. step 1

    Register as Advisor

    Please fill out the registration form.
    registration is free.

  2. step 2

    Recieve a consultation request

    We will contact you when we think you will be a suitable match for our client.
    If you are interested, we will discuss with you the details of the potential consultation offer.

  3. step 3

    Give Advice

    When you and our client both agree, we will introduce you to the client.
    Please share your insights to our clients. Compensation will be paid to you for each completed consultation.


Frequently asked questions

What does VQ do?
VQ is a knowledge-sharing service started in Japan. We have a network of registered experts who participate in short one-time consultations.
For example, consultation sessions are arranged upon our clients requests for obtaining primary insights on industries.
Our clients are global consulting firms, financial institutions, top enterprises and etc.
Is this full-time employment? Can I participate in consultations while I have work at a certain company?
This is not a full-time employment.
Most of our advisors are current employees and they participate in one-time consultations using their free time.
What kind of consultation projects are there?
We receive consultation project requests across all industries. Project members of VQ will discuss with you the details when there is a potential consultation offer that would match your experience.
What are the benefits of being a VQ advisor?
・You will get the opportunity to give contribution to the needs that exist all around the world via VQ network.
・Most consultations are typically 1hr one time consultation on phone so it is easy to participate
・Compensation will be paid for each completed consultation.
How does confidentiality policy work?
We ask you NOT to provide any confidential info during consultation sessions.
In addition, we ask our advisors not to tell any third party about the information obtained through consultations including client name.
Please see the link for details.
VQ Compliance Policies: https://visasq.co.jp/en/compliance
How much will I get paid for each consultation?
On the registration form, there is a field where it asks you to type the hourly rate you would request per hour.
Please type in the minimum amount you would like to receive. *NOTE: specific amount will be decided for each consultation depending on the client and theme.
What is the payment process?
Compensation will be sent from VQ at the end of the following month of the consultation.
(E.g. If you complete a consultation in May, the compensation will be paid at the end of June.)
You can choose either Paypal or bank wire transfer.
*Bank wire transfer fee will be at your expense. Paypal is highly encouraged.

VQG is a choice of more than 300 enterprises and 80,000 advisors.
We are the Japan’s leading expert network service,
now expanding from Asia to the world.


Management Team

  • Co-founder & CEO

    Eiko Hashiba

    After graduating from the University of Tokyo, Eiko worked at Goldman Sachs Tokyo IBD, and L’Oréal K.K., then earned her MBA at MIT. From investment activities at Unison Capital, Eiko realised the value of industry insights and founded visasQ inc. in 2012, the first primary research service provider in Japan.

  • Co-founder & CTO

    Soshi Hanamura

    Soshi was the founding member and the development team leader of “Rakumo”. After worked at GREE, the game platform’s user acquisition team, he joined VQ in 2013. Soshi earned his master degree from Yokohama National University and his research project then was elected as IPA’s Mito Youth program.

  • Board of Director & CFO

    Hidetoshi Uriu

    Hidetoshi started his career at Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs in 1999, and became Managing Director in 2012. Over the 19 years, he led various M&A and financing transactions for Technology, Media and Telecom companies. He left Goldman in February, 2018 and became the BOD and CFO of visasQ.Inc.

  • Executive Director

    Ryo Tanaka

    After graduating from Waseda University, he joined the Sumitomo Corporation, one of the biggest trading and investment company in Japan. He experienced trading and business development in Sulfuric Acid industry especially. After worked at Triumph Co., he joined visasQ inc. in 2015.

  • Executive Director

    Yurika Imuta

    Worked at the Internal Audit Department of JPMorgan for eight years both in NY and Tokyo, building the expertise on control framework in the global market. Yurika joined the VQ in 2016, and now leading the VQ Global business. BA in law, Keio University.

Advisory Board Members

  • Naoki Aoyagi

    Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of GREE (2006-2016). Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of GREE (2006-2016).

  • Motoshige Ito

    Professor, the Faculty of International Social Sciences, Gakushuin University (2016-Current). Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo (1996-2016). Member, Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy.

  • Shinjiro Iwata

    Directors and Chairman of Benesse Holdings, Inc. (2016-Current). Advisor of Hitachi. Ltd. (2016-Current). Representative Executive Officer, Executive Vice President and Executive Officer, Hitachi, Ltd. (2013-2016).

  • Kiyoto Matsuda

    Partner of Unison Capital, Inc. (2008-Current). Deputy President of Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. (2007-2008). Managing Executive Officer of Mizuho Corporate Bank (2004-2007)

VQ provides a global network of Advisors.
Maximize your professional experience by sharing your insights
and help the world’s leading enterprises for their industry research.


visasQ inc.

Location9F, 4-7-7 Aobadai, Meguroku Tokyo 153-0042 JAPAN
Phone Number+81-50-3733-2437
Foundedin March, 2012
ShareholderFounders, DCM Ventures, DBJ CapitalCo., Ltd., Mizuho Capital Co.,
VENTURE UNITED, inc., CyberAgent Ventures, Inc.