Your high quality intelligence
is needed across all industries

Topics most discussed for the past year

  • Automotive / Autonomous driving / Mobility
  • Medical / Healthcare
  • Marketing
  • 4Sales
  • 5Business development/Innovation
  • 6Education/Nursing care
  • 7Retail

Active experts on our platform

  • Management from leading companies

    (Trustful story from management’s point of view is in need. It would be a plus if an expert could discuss the issues from the real business.)

  • Decision makers in innovation

    (Our clients are looking for an expert with experience in organizational reform/disinvestment of business unit.)

  • Senior experts/researchers

    (It is valuable if an expert has any experience that enables to discuss the future prospect based on the history or uniqueness of the industry.)

  • Key persons from local branches of Japanese companies

    (Experts who is knowledgeable in challenges to enter new market/expand business overseas are highly in demand.)


How it works

  1. 1

    Sign up for free

    Register your experience so that VisasQ can best arrange a match with interview offers from our client.
    The more information you provide with us, the more opportunities you get!

  2. 2

    Answer to screening questions

    When you receive an interview request from VisasQ, let us know if you have enough experience to consult our client.
    VisasQ will then fix an interview for you with our client depending on how much you are familiar with the specific topic of request.

  3. 3

    Share your knowledge

    Help our client to grow their business/gain ideas for innovation by sharing your knowledge based on your OWN experience over the phone or by joining F2F meeting.
    *Our terms and policy strictly prohibits you from sharing any confidential information.


Frequently asked questions

What does VisasQ do?
VisasQ is a knowledge-sharing service started in Japan. We have a network of registered experts who participate in 1-hour interviews.
For example, interviews are arranged upon our clients' requests for obtaining insights and knowledge on specific industries.
Our clients include global consulting firms, financial institutions, top enterprises, etc.
Is this full-time employment? Can I participate in interviews while I have worked at a certain company?
This is not a full-time employment.
Most of our experts are current employees and they participate in 1-hour interviews outside of their working hours.
What kind of interview requests are there?
Interview requests vary across all industries and business matters. VisasQ will discuss with you the details when there is a potential interview request that would match your experience.
What are the benefits of being a VisasQ expert?
・You will get opportunities to participate in various projects that exist all around the world via VisasQ network.
・Most interviews are typically 1 hour and one time via phone, therefore, it is easy to participate.
・Compensation will be paid for each completed interview.
How does confidentiality policy work?
We ask you NOT to provide any confidential information during interviews.
In addition, we ask our experts not to tell any third party about the information obtained through interviews including client name. Please see the link for details.
VisasQ Compliance Policies:
How much will I get paid for each interview?
In general, the hourly rate is a few hundreds of USD. On the registration form, there is a field where it asks you to type the preferred rate.
What is the payment process?
Payment will be done by wire transfer by the end of the following month of the consultation. You may receive the payment by PayPal which requires a submission of an official form of identification (e.g. passport, driver's license, etc) .
How is the interview conducted?
・The interview is conducted by phone unless our clients make a business trip to your location for F2F meeting.
・Translation service is available for English, Chinese and other languages if necessary. It would be charged to our clients therefore it might lower the frequency of interview requests.

Our Clients

global consulting firms, financial institutions and many more

VisasQ Inc.

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OfficesTokyo, New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Raleigh
Phone Number+81-80-3535-5343
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Date of establishmentMarch 2012 (publicly traded at Tokyo Stock Exchange: 4490)
CEOEiko Hashiba
Number of employees541 (as of August, 2022)