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    At Brandtone, we harnessed power of mobile & big data, building sustainable programmatic engagement solutions for consumer brands, under-pinned by meaningful value exchange & trust, delivering measurable brand promotion & brand building outcomes and superior ROMI.
    Creating trusted mobile eco-system for clients & their audience and delivering CRM for client brands, using mobile & integrating with their digital assets. Building & executing innovative database acquisition campaigns. Building contextualized insights followed by programmatic & targeted re-engagement with the permissioned audience on behalf of clients. We enable consumer brands not only to achieve their tactical objectives but also strategic goals viz. market share & penetration gain. Being a part of overall media mix of the brand/organization, we amplify marketing effectiveness.
    Launched Brandtone in India and acquired business of blue chip clients viz. HUL, GSK, Diageo, Kimberly Clark, SAB Miller, Siemens, Cargill etc. Became Brandtone’s largest operations in two years and have built permissioned database of 22+ million consumers and 1.2 million traders. Have engineered 120+ million targeted re-engagements with the permissioned audience for retention, up-sell, up-trade, cross-sell etc.