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    7-year experiences in total in intellectual property, mostly in patent, and expertise in patent prosecution especially in the US, patent law especially in the US, and global IP consulting, etc, as well as 2-year experiences in US patent law education as speaker and lecturer. USPTO patent bar passed.
    1. Patent Prosecution in different countries , such as TW, US, EP, JP and CN; patent application drafting mostly in Chinese and English; OA analysis; prior art search; interview with inventors.
    2. Prior art search for patent application; drafting preliminary search report for Examiners.
    3. Patent consulting in 5G technologies; 5G standard essential patent (SEP) related matters including 3GPP database tracking, industrial analysis in telecommunication industry and meeting with 5G R&D teams.
    4. US patent prosecution including patent application drafting directly in English, OA analysis; US patent prosecution and US legal system educational training.
    5. IP related matters including patent prosecution, patent infringement analysis, trademarks and copyrights evaluation; legal consulting including contracts review, personal information privacy analysis.