Senior Account Manager

  • 広告代理店
  • 接客/販売/個人営業


• Headed the client-servicing department, reporting to the Managing Director.
• Handling prestigious luxury brands accounts such as; Damas Jewellery, LOCMAN Italy, Landmark Group-Lifestyle, Emirates Airlines, Sharjah Airport, Boots Healthcare & FMCG – BENQ & SAMSUNG Fun Club
• Coordinated marketing research, copy writing, layout, media buying, display and promotional activities to successfully implement campaigns
• Identifying prospective customers, developing and initiating pitches for new advertising accounts and following up to ensure a high level of client support.
• Handling various launches and the related marketing and communication activities for international and local brands.
• Media Planning for clients after studying the TAM ratings and other related data to ensure effective media channels were selected to reach the target audience.
• Consulting with clients to determine advertising requirements & budgetary limitation utilizing knowledge of product or service to be advertised, media capabilities & audience characteristics.
• Consulting with creative staff, photographers and other media productions specialist to select media to be used and to estimate cost.
• Approving the agency proposal, including the estimated budget to the client for approval.
• Coordinating with the press and other media people for various PR activities, including press conferences.