Dep General Manager Sales Planning

  • 製造業
  • 営業/マーケティング
  • 経験内容

    • Played a key role in both Sales and Sales Planning during the initial period of taking over from the previous NSC on February 14.
    • Streamlined the Sales Planning function to have a Continuity in Operation after the takeover with a clear focus on :
    ▪ Establishing the Sales Planning department team including hiring and assigning clear roles and responsibility
    ▪ Handling the Daily orders from Dealers & Allocation with complete transparency in the operation and stock availability at a time when there was no proper system.
    ▪ Car Flow Management to achieve the ideal supply level with the proper forecast on Model/Grade mix and monitoring the plant inventory to match the dealer demands with improved interaction with the production control at RNAIPL
    ▪ Piloted the Monthly Forecast and allocation with the key focus to optimize the delivery timing to customer
    ▪ Continuity & Optimum utilization of the VME funds with clear & non-complex RS&WS schemes and communicating to dealer fraternity on time.
    • Monthly forecasting on RS, WS and Production incoordination with Mgmt. and Production Control at RNAIPL. The objective is to limit Plant Stock to 10 to 15 days and dealer stock to 32 days per model and variants as well.
    ▪ Source of info: Dealer current going rate, Dealer Forecast, competition analysis
    ▪ Close contact /reactivity with Plant required to weekly modify production (colors, variants)
    • Optimize Customer VME budget looking for best elasticity (level of investment per car, kind of customer offer, Price correction if need be).
    • Check the slow moving/aging variants and strong corrective commercial actions if need be
    • Define the 4 months rolling customer strategy in terms of main actions, as well as Budget management in coordination with Sales, Product Management and MARCOM
    • Other Special Projects :
    ▪ Implementation of an interim DMS from SFDC to have better visibility of RS, Purchase funnel information and Dealer Stock
    ▪ New Online DMS window to IT IS: To coordinate