Senior Manager Sales Planning

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• Achieved YOY(Year On Year) growth in retail sales by 10.4% in FY09, 6.6% in FY10 & 14.7% in FY11 for the region & YOY growth in wholesales by 37.67% in FY10 with average vehicle price increase of 5.76% & 19.80% in FY11 with average vehicle price increase of 4.35%.
• 2 out of 3 NSC (Bahrain & Kuwait) attained the Champion Distributor gaining the top spot in Market share for Infiniti Sales in the GOM region.
• Key role in establishing standard operating procedures for the department for smooth functioning between MPS & NSC. (National Sales Co / Dealer)
• Standardized the planning processes of all the NSC’s in the region.
• Successfully implemented a holistic sales and marketing, product planning portal linking the NSC with the regional office for all round reporting.
• Reporting to the Director-Sales and Marketing, entrusted with the overall responsibility of the department at the regional office responsible for sales, planning, and pricing.
• Also responsible for achieving business targets by effective monitoring of Nissan & Infiniti sales performance and vehicle ordering levels of each NSC(National Sales Co / Dealer)
• Identifying risks and counter-measures through exploring key reasons for variances between sales forecasts and actual sales versus the sales plan.
• Ensure optimum price positioning for our models by conducting a strategic analysis of Visual Prices and Value Adjusted Prices with the competition, taking into account key specification variances, retail/transaction prices, and profit.
• Work out the plan thru various tactical campaigns for the liquidation of the aging stock with proper incentives in plan aligned to back to back orders
• Study the sales channel mix and implement a special strategy to penetrate the fleet segment
• Ensuring optimum availability to meet customer demand through recommendations on the ideal vehicle supply levels of each NSC.
• Developing an Annual Business Plan for each NSC & NGF and negotiating with NSC in finalizing th