Lead Engineer

  • システム・ソフトウェア開発(業務支援)
  • コンサルタント/リサーチ


• Over 8 years of IT experience in Data Analysis, Database Development, Data Visualization Project Development and Implementation.
• Requirements Analysis & RFP responses, Solution proposals for complex projects and presentations to Customers.
• Responsible for doing POCs & Demos and product presentation to Customers
• Provide technical solution for business problems to the customer.
• Providing Technical recommendation to proposed solutions.
• Conducting B2B Partner Training Programs/ Workshops to empowering Partners & grow business
• Handling critical projects deployment & issues to achieve customer satisfaction by providing end to end support
• Analyzed and bridged clients’ business challenges with the capabilities of our solutions to address Sales and Marketing concerns in around 10+ countries and prepared client proposals (RFP).
• Analyzed current business processes, gathered requirements and established strong customer relations by providing post & pre-implementation support for 50+ clients.
• Collaborated with Sales and Marketing managers & Represented Samsung’s solutions and products to prospective clients & partners.
• Experience with Dashboard & Scorecard Reports for Corporate Financial Forecasting as per user requirements using XSL, HTML, and DHTML.
• Performed data mining, data cleaning & explored data visualization techniques on a variety of data stored in spreadsheets and text files using R and plotting the same using ggplot2 package.
• Performing statistical modelling and using Machine learning techniques for data analysis and research.
• Created solution driven dashboards using different chart types like Crosstab's, Heat/Geo/Tree Maps, Pie/Bar Charts, Circle Views, Line/Area Charts, Scatter Plots, Bullet Graphs, and Histograms in Tableau Desktop.
• Data Manipulation in R using dplyr, sqldf and base R