iOS Engineer

  • モバイルコンテンツ(エンタメ)
  • エンジニア


My career begun as a part-time iOS developer during my university studies in a small agency. After I obtained my Master’s Degree, I joined the company as a full-time worker and remained there for over two years in total. Despite the company size, I was working on some of the most ambitious and influentials projects created in the entire country at that time.
When I felt the time is right for bootstrapping my professional growth, I moved from my hometown to Prague to pursue more opportunities and work on projects led by professional account managers while having the access to the resources of an incredibly skilled design team. Together, we created applications that are still used daily by thousands of people around the world.
Close to the end of my stay at that company, I gradually shifted my focus from mobile development to backend development and became a contributor to the Vapor open-source project, leveraging the power of Swift programming language on server.