• 映像・CM制作(エンタメ)
  • 経営企画/経営管理


Few prominent works undertaken
1. Socio Economic Research, Technology Innovation and Development of Cost-Effective Solution for Community Radio Station (CRS) and its deployment at Agriculture Universities, including supply, Installation, training, programme production and operations in India funded by Media Lab Asia, MCIT, Govt Of India
2. Establishment of Agriculture Knowledge Dissemination System using mass media and ICT for the Govt. of Bihar for increase in food production of the country (Govt. of Bihar project)
3. Establishment of Community Radio Stations (about 25) in several parts of India
Govt Of India, Universities, NGOs
4. Design and establishment of Media Production Centers (University & Govt. projects)
5. Total solution for seven High Power Community Radio stations in Ethiopia, including studio acoustic, office, transmission system with tower, and training (Govt of Ethiopia project)
6. Consultancy and turnkey solution for establishing Private Radio stations in Nepal
(Private Broadcasters projects)
7. Complete Studio and Office interior including AC, Power Supply, Security, Fire alarm, Furniture, etc. for a number of private broadcasters in India (Private Broadcasters projects)
8. Audio / Video concept/production - Samples of video/ audio
9. Consultancy Presently providing consultancy to several private and Govt. organizations in ICT and masss media
10. Training





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