Property Booking Manager

  • 金融(不動産投資)
  • 経営者


Based on 3+ years’ experience running 30+ short-term rental properties for homeowners and landlords under my own company, I have expertise in these areas:
• Knowing what type of guests a property will attract based on the pricing, area, furniture, pictures
• Knowing what guests look for and knowing what guests want
• How to use the Airbnb system inside and out
• Pricing strategies
• Daily / weekly / regularly / as needed monitoring the pricing to ensure it stays competitive and profitable
• Adjusting the prices for unbooked days to attract last minute guests
• Communicating with guests in pleasant manner making them feel comfortable
• Knowing what kind of pictures to take and what information to put in the listing
• Being informative to guests about how to use the Airbnb system, how to get through the booking process and what to expect when booking an Airbnb property, causing them to come back to us for future bookings. Guests frequently come back to us to book again and again, even at different properties. They don’t look at the properties, they just come straight to us and ask what I have available for them.
• Excellent customer service and maintaining a good, positive brand, building rapport with guests
• Knowing what to tell guests or what to ask guests
• Knowing how to handle problems and file damage claims – and what is needed to be successful at winning them
• Actively and quickly solving any issues so guests can carry on with their trip and not be dealing with issues
• Receiving all guest inquiries, responding in a timely manner in a way that will persuade or attract them to complete the booking
• Knowing what types of guests to avoid
• Knowing how to negotiate with guests and close on deals to get the booking
• Dealing with special offers, special scenarios, and how to work the Airbnb system to handle it all
• Knowing what house rules to have based on experience
• Keeping up with Airbnb updates to their system and process and how that affects us and our boo