Project manager: The socio-economic benefits of circular economy business models

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    As a project manager and later independent contractor at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, I have worked to increase and disseminate the understanding of circular economy as a systemic business opportunity in several sectors and levels.
    As a member of EMF's New Plastics Economy initiative, I have driven work on identifying and catalysing innovations in material, design and recycling technologies, including new business models, material innovation, reuse and recycling.
    Looking at the economic benefits of transitioning from a linear, take-make-dispose economic model, to one that is designed to be regenerative and keep products and materials in use, I've worked across multiple sectors such as construction, automotive and specialised machinery OEMs, food and beverage, as well as healthcare. I have extensive knowledge about the opportunities and barriers facing different sectors and technologies, and the various approaches that can be used to address the barriers.