Design engineer

  • 金属加工
  • 研究開発


For 5 years he coordinated a group of designers and engineers with the task of developing the design and engineering of electromechanical interfaces of machine tools, electric motors, drives, power panels, wiring and software.
For 4 years he was also responsible for the Computervision CAD / CAM system with the goal of take care of its installation, starting-up, integration and development; in such situation has developed an in-depth knowledge of technical organizational and social issues related to the introduction of the new instrument on the existing corporate structure.
He was responsible for the central and southern Italy branch, based in Naples, with a team of technicians employed, high education and extensive experience hardware and software. This situation has contributed to the development and dissemination of the instrument and the techniques of CAD / CAM in the main industries of the south Italy (Alenia, Alfa Romeo Avio, Fiat Tractor, IPM, Telettra, Weber, etc..) Improving the technical knowledge of the product so in its natural evolution (Platforms RISC / CISC and UNIX-based operating system).
During this period he also built a strong propensity to trade negotiations as well as technical, organizational and human resource management, relations with the Mother House, working to targets.
For 8 years he lent his work under the Hitec S.p.A. an R&D and technology transfer Company in industrial automation, located in Avellino-Italy, as Chief Operating Officer.
The corporate structure of a staff of thirty articulated units, researchers and technicians, distributed in five areas: research and development, mechanical design, electrical design, software design and prototyping laboratory.
In reality, it has realized a good expertise in the formulation and optimal management of multidisciplinary applied research projects, both national and European levels, consolidating, simultaneously and independently, knowledge of issues related to human resource management, the m