Abuse Investigation Specialist

  • 情報セキュリティ
  • 接客/販売/個人営業


Overall 4 years of Experience in Cloud Computing- Customer Service Operations - Business Operations and Team Management.
Currently I'm working with Amazon Web Services as Abuse Investigation Specialist. I've been with AWS since Sept 2017, and I must say that AWS has lot to offer Cloud Computing Technology has given a new shape to my career to learn and explore.





"Passion for Excellence, hunger to learn and Implement".

My experience in the industry started of with HP, after graduating from VTU in 2014 as B.E in Computer Science. Over the years, I have closely worked with global stakeholders for the IT Support and service of PPS products like Laptops, Desktops, and workstations. I have got hands on skills on ERP systems like Salesforce, Global Newton & SR-Dash.

My passion for Technology and Process improvement, helped in moving in to the next level of management. This move gave me an opportunity to learn and implement various process improvement methodologies. My new role as a Senior CHD consultant (Centralized Hardware Dispatch), unfolded my organizational skills. At this time, when I was fortunate enough to work with an agile Business information system - consistently improving the productivity and quality at every level of management.

Cloud technologies has been my domain of expertise, as my project on QR Code scanning was approved to be the best at my college, during graduation. I continued to pursue my career at Amazon to refine my skills and give it a new direction. I was offered the role of a senior technical consultant, working on various cloud platforms.

Amazon Web Services offer a best-in-class PAAS, SAAS & IAAS for its global clients. My area of expertise includes handling Accounts and Billing majorly for Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3) , Relational Database System (RDS) etc

My expertise in IT Support, Client Handling, Team management, Cloud Technologies and Business process re-engineering, come as a result of experience with various business information systems, People, Processes and Data.