VD purchasing of Samsung Indonesia

  • EMS
  • 調達/購買


Manage teams to work efficiently, promote synergies for improving daily functions in purchasing, forecasting, distribution, inventory control warehouses
• Coordinate all supply chain services from IPC (International Procurement Center), Direct Suppliers, Local Suppliers such as material planning, scheduling, and strict inventory control for immediate availability up to weekly production.
• Review vendor purchasing decisions, orders and contracts to ensure requests are fulfilled on time. Overcome and resolve all order differences immediately to ensure quality and maintain the reputation of the organization.
• Write and submit reviews and assessments of employee performance, including disciplinary actions and encourage performance improvement through positive reinforcement.
• Reducing overhead costs that are not needed, establishing company benchmarks for process improvement and quality control.
• Train and train new department staff about 5S work goals.
• Develop and implement effective inventory controls, eliminating shortcomings to improve relationships with outside vendors.