Director Of User Experience

  • システム・ソフトウェア開発(一般消費者向け)
  • 制作


As director of user experience, Zack refines emergent technologies and services into novel, intuitive, and engaging experiences. From choreographing a robotic barista for Cafe X to re-designing Fossil Group’s hybrid smartwatch framework, Zack has shaped a diverse range of digital and physical products for startups and Fortune 500s alike.





From agencies to non-profits to artificial intelligence startups, I’ve toiled across different tiers of the design world since 2009. In that time I’ve worked on both digital and physical products at every stage of the creative lifecycle and have fulfilled a dizzying number of roles to boot.

As a researcher I’ve explored virtual communities, crossed the Himalayas, lurked the sullied booths of Chili’s, and sat Parkinson’s patients across from conversational avatars.

As a UX designer I’ve choreographed complex robot personalities, pontificated on the future of hearing, collaborated on self-heating mugs, labored over many a wireframe, and have polished off too many apps to count.

And as a writer throughout, my job has always been to package ideas, document strategies, articulate solutions, spam slack channels, and communicate effectively across interdisciplinary teams so that no matter the struggle, the deliverables are always impeccable.