Chief Information Officer

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4 years as CIO with a Publishing company responsible for Product Development, Content, Search, Publishing and Digitization Systems, Back Office Systems, and Infrastructure operations. M&A - led technology due diligence and integration of nine acquisitions. Using agile processes, launched new large-scale customer facing publishing and product platform with FAST-based search and XML content store, replacing multiple customer facing platforms and products. Drove the replacement of multiple financial, ordering/invoicing, administration systems, and customer files with a common global Oracle-based process and ERP system while managing revenue growth and acquisition integrations. Launched cloud-based for Sales and cloud-based Success Factors performance management system. Drove the strategy development and execution of the move from a legacy data center to an outsourced data center; directed server virtualization, the use of the Amazon cloud, and the creation of a private cloud. Launched, using end-user research, social networking and semantic search product prototypes to external customers. Created a small flourishing R&D group; ProQuest was ranked one of the most innovative companies (#17 in 2010 and #27 in 2009) by Information Week magazine in its ‘InformationWeek500’ annual survey. Introduced lean six sigma into ProQuest driving significant process improvement with minimal investments.