More than just telecomms - consumer, retail, distribution, B2B

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A proven innovator, able to unlock the growth potential of organisations. Effective strategic development and clarity across multiple market segments – using online, retail, partnership and supplier-enabled channels.
Committed to partnership and transformation strategies - enabling customer experience is at the heart of success, irrespective of your model being B2B or B2C. Businesses that recognise this opportunity are where I will add most value, bringing both entrepreneurial drive and blue chip know-how to organisations, large or small.
Significant board-level experience with twenty-five years in consumer, mobile, innovation technology, supply chain and retail - effectively harnessing available resources to drive complete organisations.
Accountability is at the heart of what motivates me and ensures results.





Collaborative and entrepreneurial leader, creating high-performance teams. Inclusive style, with a strong eye for organisation and staff development. An innovator and change agent, focused on consumer trends, B2B trends, growth strategy, business transformation and development.

Head of Growth at Intergroup Partners AG, an international services firm enabling growth companies seeking acceleration, owners & investors scaling investments, transforming Corporate Units. Cross-industry expertise across five key sectors: Consumer & Mobility, IoT & Industry, Security, Energy and Healthcare. We offer credibility, C-level access, risk control, go-to-market, partnership and investment services. We enabling market entry, forging the necessary solid tech ventures/ecosystem and backing fledgling companies when conditions are right.

Founder of Growth Hackers Global, a growth platform available to start-ups and established brands alike.

Co-founder of Wileyfox, a highly aggressive tech startup built to focus on emerging consumer requirements.

25 years of experience working for blue-chip technology corporations, primarily focusing on sales, go-to-market management, business development and new product solutions.

Significant board-level experience, P&L responsibility, CEO, CMO, CSO experience. Highly credible, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, a comprehensive contact network and a proven ability to manage both internal and external clients.