Vacation Rentals in Tallinn

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5 years experience managing AirBnB and with different property through my own company personally.





I have been deeply connected to different fields like real estate, logistics, cultural heritage, music, performance. Direct sales, project leading and contract management are key-words for what I'm good at. I admire human intelligence and especially how we cooperate. Psychology connects all my experiences to a logical spiral and my intuition leads my way.

Last 8 years have been intensive and interesting to learn how multi-task works in real life. I have managed different jobs/hobbies at one time, so I have exceeded my personal goals several times. I'm ready for taking real challenges every day. I know now how to keep my energy in top position and how to load my battery every day.

My skills and experiences:
3 years in B to B Sales, 3 years in B to C Sales. Project leading (apartment renovation projects for AirBnB business, building up perfect service experience in AirBnB business, holding the project for 4 years). Preparing real estate and logistic business agreements (Estonian, English). Negotiation management, Meeting Leader, Performances on stage alone and with other Musicians. Writing poems and strategic sales articles in Estonian and in English. Leading different bands. Building my own children music brand/band). Coaching (70% children), trainings (50% adults/children).

My current job: I have been motivated to deal in real estate market already 3 years, last 1,5 years I have served Tallinn's rental market. I'm always on phone, on meetings; I enjoy that. I give my best to service my clients - that's why they come back to me. I have assistants and IT-support on my backside.

Music: I learned to write music, play instruments and sing in age 23. From zero! The world is so beautiful I just have to keep saving these blooming emotions. I have had success with both, children and adult songs, Estonian and English. Have done music also for cartoons, for weddings.

The most important thing I have learned: intelligent child is a bless inside us all.