Dealership Management

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20 years experience running dealerships working my way up through the sales and service channels to General Manager and also becoming part owner in 2 franchise dealerships. I am an expert at dealership operations management for both variable and fixed operations.





Sales and Marketing Management: I have been in key positions with mid size and large businesses over the past 20 years and have a proven record of increasing sales, motivating teams, and improving customer satisfaction and retention with both external and internal customers. Career Track: Professional growth through such positions as Business Manager, Finance Manager, Finance Director, Sales Manager, Market Area Manager and General Sales Manager.

Profit and Cash flow Management / Operations Management: I have utilized my experience to manage inventories in excess of 100 million dollars. Controlled a significant portion of receivables for the companies that I worked for making it essential that contracts were funded quickly and the there was an ability to replace inventory in a timely manner.

Training and Development and Contract Negotiation: Throughout my career I have enjoyed the success of negotiating contracts and deals that were favorable to the companies that I have worked for. I have exceeded company goals for profits, quotas, projections, and deadlines.

Responsible for growing the market share of a Fortune 500 company by 400%. As a Development Representative for Citigroup took over a market that was generating 6M a year in loan revenue with a projection of 15% YOY increase. I grew the loan revenue to 24 million dollars in less than 2 years, while maintaining a Net Credit Loss (NCL) of less than 2%.

As VP Sales and Operations for ARAL USA I was responsible for securing national contracts with 2 of the largest fleet companies in the world. I also secured a capital sharing agreement with a global materials manufacturer with a value of $2MM.

As Sales Manager for Dent Wizard International grew the North Texas Market over $700k in 2014 and was ranked #1 in the Midsouth region and #3 out of 60 markets in North America. In 2015 I grew the North Texas Market over $1.5M and again was ranked #1 in the Midsouth region and #1 out of 60 markets in North America.