Consultant in market research

  • 製薬(医療用医薬品)
  • マーケティング


My role encompasses 3 major aspects:
1. Lead business development on market research for pharma companies and distributors
2. Lead analytical work
3. Lead project implementation





Diana Pirjol, MSc, has over seven years of work experience with pharma, thinks tanks, development organizations and NGOs from Washington D.C., Brussels, Amsterdam, Cambridge and Bucharest. She has gained hands-on experience in providing analytical, project management, teaching and advocacy support on topics related to health/ life sciences and economic empowerment. At the World Bank Group she carried out an evaluation of a $77.82 million lending project aimed at enhancing the quality of medical education in Indonesia. She also designed the submission protocols, operating procedures and quality control mechanisms for SIEF’s call for proposals and monitored the implementation of 7 impact evaluations ($6 million). Through her work she has documented the operations and policies of UNICEF, Roma Entrepreneurship Initiative, the World Bank and pharma sector in Bucharest and Washington D.C. Her commitment to academic affairs has enabled her to be the beneficiary of a number of scholarships/ fellowships and grants, such as (Bill & Melinda) Gates Cambridge scholarship, and her research findings have been so far presented in the BMC Public Health, World Bank publication catalogue and in conference proceedings (EUPHA).

Awarded 8 highly competitive scholarships (97,500 £), of which 2 were declined, for academic merit and leadership potential.

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