Industry Expert Specialist (Investment Banking)

  • 金融(都市銀行)
  • なし


12 years experience
Covering Industrials, Chemicals, Real Estate, and Financial Institutions
Developed specialized industry expertise to provide in-depth research for bankers working in M&A and financing projects in the sectors of coverage. Delivered periodical strategic reports on business won/lost and in the pipeline, competitive analysis and client interaction activity used to improve profitability and targeting initiatives of Business Unit Leadership. Performed ad-hoc company screenings by sector for corporate clients to identify potential target acquisitions





Research Analyst and Competitor Intelligence Specialist. Able to produce actionable insights on markets and competitor intelligence that have an impact on strategic decisions of leadership teams. Specialized expertise in the Oil & Gas value chain, the LNG industry and M&A. Proven experience in establishing new processes and databases that effectively improve knowledge management and efficiency of research practices. Seeking collaboration opportunities with big data analytics / AI companies to enhance new data discovery and develop innovative market insights on emerging industry trends. Relocated from London to Singapore in April 2017