Senior M&A Research Analyst (BP Plc)

  • エネルギー(石油開発・精製)
  • なし


4 years
• Produced high quality research, timely market intelligence, and business valuation advisory to support the M&A team in the execution of acquisitions and divestments worldwide
• Provided valuation analysis that successfully supported price negotiations of $7bn acquisition in the Asian market
• Developed databases of M&A deal comparison and valuation trading multiples of publicly listed companies providing standard valuation benchmarking tools that increased efficiency and maintained consistency of valuation methodologies used by M&A teams





Research Analyst and Competitor Intelligence Specialist. Able to produce actionable insights on markets and competitor intelligence that have an impact on strategic decisions of leadership teams. Specialized expertise in the Oil & Gas value chain, the LNG industry and M&A. Proven experience in establishing new processes and databases that effectively improve knowledge management and efficiency of research practices. Seeking collaboration opportunities with big data analytics / AI companies to enhance new data discovery and develop innovative market insights on emerging industry trends. Relocated from London to Singapore in April 2017