Strategy and Innovation Manager

  • 自動車
  • 経営者


I have an expertise in micro-mobility, blockchain mobility use cases and sharing economy. I also have deep knowledge of investments in the future of mobility space such as AV ride sharing, ride-hailing, VTOL, sharing of: cars, scooters and motorcycles and truck platooning.





Developing and assessing strategies for emerging mobility opportunities across the globe. Scope: self-driving tech (AV), connectivity, ride/car sharing, and sustainable powertrains (EV)
- Coordinated team to create shared micro-mobility strategy
- Created competitive risks assessment for BoD, reviewed with CEO and chairman

In the past I have:
- Increased the size of Samsung's field marketing team by 84 people, enabling a yoy sales increase of $180M
- Negotiated between Samsung and a world leading cloud computing firm to launch a $250M mobile health joint venture
- Partnered with data scientists at Landauer (medical devices company) to correlate customer loyalty and radiation levels, forming pricing strategy for 2,300 clients leading to $3M revenue increase
- Managed project team for Ninon Trans (transportation startup) of ship brokers and marine surveyors to purchase $10.4M of startup equipment