Application development engineer for Aramids in automotive and rubber applications

  • 自動車部品(産業用ゴム)
  • エンジニア


• Head for the Engineering Rubber solutions lab in DuPont Research Centre.
• India Technology lead for Turbo Charger hose project-Through application development and project management, successfully implemented Nomex® fiber in Turbo charger hose applications for hot side.
• Technology lead for Power Transmission belt, Hose, Fiber optic cables(FOC) & Conveyor belt segments in India.
• Power Transmission Belts-Developed new Kevlar® Cord for CR rubber belts and EPDM belts for Lawn mower, automotive & Harvester belt applications.
• Leading projects for reinforcement applications in LPG hoses and other automotive hoses.
• Developed new Kevlar® cord for Truck & bus tyres to replace Nylon.
• Customer Support in testing and analyzing the compounds. Successfully analyzed customer samples using analytical lab techniques. One such example was detecting Brake oil contamination for a hose manufacturer supplying to an OEM using Mass Spectroscopic technique.
• Presented Paper on “Kevlar ® Engineered Elastomer -A Reinforcement for the Rubber Industry” at “NRC Mumbai 2014”.
• Certified ECP (Effective Commercialization Practice) practitioner in DuPont which is equivalent to Six Sigma methodology.
• Six Sigma green belt certified in DMAIC.
• Applied Notice of Invention(NOI) and filed a patent internally for a project to improve the fatigue properties of Power transmission belt.
• Well versed in Program management and various safety training including lab safety.
• Develop new coatings (adhesion activated yarn) to improve adhesion of Aramid with different substrates.
• Through application development helped customer develop Kevlar Reinforced fiber composite(KFRP) for Fiber optic cables through Pultrusion process.