Research project manager

  • 製薬(医療用医薬品)
  • 経営者


13-years experience in managing pre-clinical research projects with expertise in drug target identification and drug development. Areas: Oncology, cancer research, neuroscience, immunology. Established global collaborations with CROs, Academic and Research Institutions, Government and NGO funding partnerships





💊Accomplished biomedical researcher that combines scientific rigour with a mission to develop drugs and cure diseases.

🔥As the research project manager in multicultural & cross-functional teams for 10+ years, I have converted ideas into projects & brought innovative results. I am leading by example and I have used strategic thinking, data analysis, fundraising, procurement & outsourcing to complete 20+ projects with budgets ranging from few hundreds to thousands of Euros, 100% on time.

🌡I specialise in cancer/oncology, proteomics, biochemistry, epigenetics & genomics as demonstrated by 7 high-impact articles in biomedical journals.

✍ 🏅Award-winning science communicator, scientific writer & public speaker. I understand medical information, and I engage with different audiences. The key characteristic is the publication strategies I have co-designed.
My hands-on lab experience coupled with my ability to communicate complex ideas through stories help me explain the nitty-gritty of many therapeutic areas.
I'm allergic to being overly serious, too, but this isn't something you put on a professional profile, is it?

🤝 I communicate & build trust with multidisciplinary scientists, physicians, key opinion leaders or editors. I also enjoy establishing international collaborations. A communication hub you said?

🎯 With a growth mindset, I'm able to quickly learn, unlearn and re-learn in order to reach goals.

Connect with me & let's find solutions to challenging science projects.

💡 Contact: nnparisis at 💡

Leveraging my skills in discovering new biomedical knowledge, I now look for opportunities to help discover new applications, & bring innovative solutions.

👉 I am seeking roles as Project Manager, Research Scientist or in Medical Communications (Medical Writer or Medical Science Liaison - MSL) 👈

PhD in Cell, Molecular Biology & Proteomics.
MSc Biotechnology
BSc Biomedical Science

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