Business Analyst & Project Manager

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I have been in the IT industry in Mining for more than a decade dealing with a lot of different kind of problems, from few thousand dollars to couple of million. My knowledge in Mining IT technology is one of my stronger points





My professional career has been determined by 2 events in my life: the 8-bit computer "Zx Spectrum" that I got when I was a child, that led my to a computer related profession and my internship in NTT Docomo in Japan that led me to my incipient polyglotism.

After studying Computing Engineering in the University of Chile, I had the chance of doing an internship in a big mobile phone company in Japan, NTT Docomo. Defining a POC of a software for delivering movies usign Akamai and Corba in Java. That experience turned me in an eternal Japanese language learner. Later I went to work to Codelco (Chile's Biggest Cooper Mining company) As a Business Analyst. Were I managed the direct relationship with different business areas (internal clients) in other to oversee the software development that those clients have with the IT area. In that role I also had to review several commercial proposals (and technical ones) in order to buy products or services.
Two special key projects that I had in Codelco were 1) the survey and documentation of the mine process and compare it with other Codelco Mines in order to obtain and implement the best practices. 2) Supporting a POC of a join venture between Codelco and NTT Japan were I have to work with a multidisciplinary team to introduce new tecnology in Codelco's mines.

After my stay at Movistar (worldwide known as Telefonica), right now I'm part of Equifax as a Project Manager for the QA area.

I also have an entrepreneur spirit, I have had 3 SME, all failed but all gave me very good experiences.

I also have an Australian Computer Society (ACS) ICT Skills Assessment:
I was assessed as an AQF Bachelor Degree with a major in computing.
"Business Analyst" ANZSCO code 261111.

About my interest in learning languages: I got a 3rd place in a speech contest in Japanese. I can speak English, Japanese, French, German and of course Spanish my mothertongue.

email me at miguel dot barrera at gmail