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I have over 10years of experience in the Health & Wellness Sector. I started off with selling Gym equipment after completing my Sport Management Diploma at the University of Johannesburg.
I moved to IT to sharpen my Marketing skills until getting recruited by DNAFit Africa to start their SA operations, which was a success. I am currently working with the marketing team to formulate SEO content using inbound marketing strategies.





Seek To Understand In Order To Be Understood!

Business Development requires a set of collective skills in order to get results, asking the correct questions is the best way to reach your primary goal. Building long term business relationships involves understanding your market and your customers needs.

Through extensive training and work experience, I am skilled at analysing markets and driving market strategies to create, develop, qualify leads that are relevant & actionable.

The best business development agents seek to understand in order to be understood. Understanding the target market & their business process is the 1st step before even attempting to build a business relationship. Know your audience.