Senior Project Engineer

  • 通信工事
  • 経営者


Ericsson - 3.5 years of experience in Telecom sector with vast knowledge and skills for specialized project that i handled in Ericsson. In due course of 3.5 yrs managed some specialized project such as
(A) Vodafone Installation and Dismantle (3g+4g) at VVIP sites
(B) Reliance Jio Microwave installation (NEC & Ceragon)
(C) Smart City Project - smart pole
(D) Vodafone - Idea Limited (VIL)
(E) IDEA swap activity (Nokia to Ericsson ) on DMRC Kashmiri gate
(F) Airtel Micro-Cell Project (Execution Audit)





A seasoned professional with diversified experience in Operational & Project Management (12+ yrs in operation & 10+ yrs in project ) with different sectors Telecommunication, FMCG , Service & Manufacturing sector. Proficient in implementing operational with project Management Systems skills in conducting external & internal audits & risk compliance assessments and implementing various measures to achieve high standards in the organization.An effective communicator with excellent problem solving and analytical skills.Possess in-depth knowledge of Green Belt (Six Sigma),Risk management & operational tools.