Consulting in Change Management of Digital Selling using Professional Networking Platforms

  • WEB(SNS)
  • コンサルタント/リサーチ


2 year and ongoing experience consulting with the largest MNCs globally on how to transform their traditional sales organization to a modern one using digital selling methods and leveraging LinkedIn to do so.





Yesterday, the phone was only a way to communicate to others. Today, it's our portal to the world and an enabler for almost every aspect of our lives. Technology has disrupted and transformed the world as we know it. I feel it is my mission to be a part of this exciting next wave of change!

The most significant part of my career has been managing relationships and selling based on these relationships. No matter the product, it's always been about growing my network and making the existing relationships even warmer. To merge both my love for building relationships and my passion for disruptive technology is a dream come true. I'm most definitely looking forward to revolutionize the world of selling at LinkedIn!