• WEBサービス/ネットビジネス




2014, March – present Open Platform Buiness Unit Hackadoll Team
Position: Lead Server-side Engineer
• Developed, at a small new team, the Android/iPhone application Hackadoll, which analyses your personal interest and send you personalized Otaku-related news every day.(See https://hackadoll.com/, Japanese only)
• Developed Otaku-oriented mecab dictionary, crawler and design recommendation system collects news suiting each user’s taste.
• Taking charge of design, development and operation of API by myself, which deals with hundreds of millions of accesses on monthly basis.
・ To reduce huge API request, developed open source library using lua-nginx-module and implemented an API batch request. As a result, the number of request decreased 40%.
• Developed front and backend of web Hackadoll (See https://web.hackadoll.com/) by myself using AngularJS. It provides unlogin users to real time learning and online recommendation.
• Propose and develop a new great feature 30% users use every day.

April, 2013 – March, 2014 Open Platform System Unit Server Group
Position: Server-side Engineer
• Developed and operated user ranking API, and real time chat API on huge platform over 20 million users.
• Developed and operated real time chat JavaScript client.


2000万以上のユーザーを持つプラットフォームのサーバーエンジニアとして、ランキングAPI、リアルタイムチャットAPI開発を担当。RFCを熟読し、OpenID Connectに対応したセキュアなjsアプリを開発。

少人数での新規事業立ち上げにジョイン。現在ではApple Best Appに選ばれているアプリ「ハッカドール」のリードエンジニアとして、
 ・ログ解析とグロースハック, SEO