Manager, Quantitative Analysis Electric

  • 電気工事
  • なし


Manage the modeling and planning of advanced analytics initiatives for electric line of business:
* Total volume and peak forecasting of electric commodity for
finance, regulatory, energy
procurement, and engineering departments in NY, MA, and RI.
* Model and predict the growth of distributed energy resources such as photovoltaic systems, storage,
electric vehicles, etc.
* Utilize machine learning techniques, advanced simulation, leveraging automation to create insights
and improve our business in a cost-efficient manner
Define quantitative analysts and software engineers functions and keep them on task.
Work with team members to increase their individual performance and set realistic improvement goals.





--Experience and expertise in big data analytics and visualization, high-performance cloud
computing, AWS services, forecasting, machine learning, time series modeling, agent-based simulation, optimization, data mining, statistics, GIS and other advanced quantitative disciplines.

--Experience and expertise in Electric Power System analysis: Distribution System Studies, Renewable Integration (Wind & Solar), AC/DC Power Flow Studies, State Estimation (SE), Day-ahead and Real-time Market Operation (DAM & RTM), Security Constrained Economic Dispatch (SCED), Co-optimized Security Constrained Unit Commitment (SCUC), Power System Planning, Contingency Analysis, Voltage Security Analysis, Transmission/Generation System Planning and Operation, Dynamic Studies, Reliability Analysis, Volt/VAr Control & Optimization.
--Currently responsible for developing advanced quantitative models and analyses associated with
electric distribution system planning and analysis, retail electric market analysis
and wholesale electric supply using GridLAB-D modeling tool, CymDIST, GIS, relational database management systems (RDMS), MATLAB, C/C++, MS Visual Studio, PSS/E, Microsoft Access, VBA;
--Develop, maintain and enhance models of distributed generation systems (PV, wind,
etc.), electric vehicle systems and any other electric-based technology that is
currently and/or soon to be employed in the retail market;
--Develop, maintain and enhance a high-performance computing based simulation/optimization model framework to support near-/mid-/long- term electric distribution systems planning and Customer, market and business planning;