Managing Director

  • 総合化学
  • 経営者


I have founded and led the Institue of Thailand Occupational Health and Safety (Public Organization). The main objectives of this institute are to promote safety and health for more than 30 million workers in Thailand.
In my position, I am the secretary and board member of this institute and reported to the Thai's Minister of Labour This organization belong to the Ministry of Labour.
In the past, I worked with BASF , the world largest chemical company in the world, where I was the Global EHS Manager and gained knowledge and experiences for more than 25 years. I travel around the world and work with the United Nations, the German government, the Chinese government, Indian, Ghana and Kenya and many more to set up the safety and health project. I am keen to support any government and people that suit to my passion to protect life of people (and animal)





With his position to protect the life of people and the environment, Chayadhana is driven to work for more than 25 years in the fields of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS). He founded the Thailand Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, a government organisation. This position reports to the Board of Members and Ministry of Labour in order to bring his knowledge and experiences into actions. During two years in the position, the organisation has been established and become one of the important organisation in Thailand. No different in the past when he worked with BASF, the world largest chemical companies, he has been promoted from country EHS manager to Global EHS Manager. As this is an excellent opportunity, he was able to manage different EHS tasks and large teams successfully. Additional, with a total of 13 years working aboard, in Germany, Singapore,Hong Kong and Shanghai, he was capable to manage people in different cultures and formed the best teams.