Services ERP Leader

  • エネルギー(石油開発・精製)
  • 経営者


• Delivered seamless implementation of an Oracle ERP for the entire Drilling and Production Services business across 16 sites, 2 countries in 14 months that enhanced visibility of margins and operations and improved financial controls
• Promoted successful inventory management solutions through ERP to win a $30M bid with Chevron in Angola
• Implemented 70+ enhancements for first Release and ensured seamless second Release & process transformation
• Reduced system touch time by 50% and improved accuracy by 70% for rental services through Lean Six Sigma tools
• Laid the foundation for barcoding solutions across three service sites to improve logistics & parts cycle time by 15%
• Developed and facilitated training across 5 hubs in <3 weeks to support a seamless migration to the Oracle platform
• Enhanced communication across end-users and steering committees to improve ERP adoption to 90% in 4 months
• Drafted a detailed 300 ERP reports guide for leadership and team end-users to increase reports usage by 75%
• Established an offshore order entry facility to manage backlog during training; reduced costs by 40% in six months





- A visionary Executive combining an engineering degree with an MBA and a successful track record with global conglomerate, GE, delivering IT and operations strategies that boost business value across 24 countries and strategy experience at global consulting firm McKinsey & Co..
- An innovative strategist spearheading transformational change and digital roadmap that significantly reduces cycle times and costs while maximizing operational performance and adding new avenues for revenue expansion. Always looking at creative ways to enhance the outcomes and approach.
- A confident communicator who builds strong working relationships across cultural and language barriers and secures multi-million dollar deals. An accomplished speaker able to inspire large audiences and deliver TED Talks.
- An inspirational leader renowned for cultivating collaboration, building high impact teams and promoting shared information to deliver results against the most demanding budgets, objectives and deadlines. I am passionate about growing the team members and an invested coach.
- Able to to look at the big picture and zoom in on details to ensure issues are caught early. I am curious and constantly learning
- Significant and effective in resource planning and implementation. Always resourceful and have a track record of successful implementations in any circumstance.
- Received the Middle East CIO 100 award for 2016 and gave several TED talks at industry events and GE Leadership events
- On American University of Sharjah Advisory Board for the School of Engineering for 2016-2017