Chief Information Officer

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• Developed a Digital strategy for the CEO to achieve key business outcomes for an $8B Wind business; 20% improvement in product cost, turbine availability& margins. Aligned $126 M IT budget, 170 people team, 299 products & delivery across corporate HQ matrix & business pillars to achieve those outcomes with 30% lower annual IT budget
• ¬¬Integrated 8 legacy applications into one Wind turbine suitability analysis Predix product, delivering $2.6M productivity
• Delivered Market Analytics using public data for market & competitive intelligence; improved win rate for sales by 10%
• Tripled team size at zero incremental cost by influencing to align resources across IT & business to product mission
• Established a Digital Taskforce that Identified opportunities for simplification and user experience enhancement while objectively measuring adoption and impact. Improved ROI on tools, optimized application portfolio by 30% in a year
• Devised Data & Analytics Strategy to reduce data hosting costs by 10% and improve data availability to 99% with AWS migration, re-architecting tech stack and heavy insourcing to improve data science & architecture skill gap
• Improved customer connectivity & data ingestion process by 5% by enabling machine data availability metrics
• Optimized/streamlined data visualization suite from 1200 reports to 300 with $600 K in savings
• Delivered global operational dashboard for the Onshore Wind business that transformed how the business managed their KPIs across all functions and regions and retired all 4 legacy operational dashboards with $500K saving
• Rolled out Service Max for GE Hydro in Brazil yielding, $1.3 M in productivity; global rollout in progress
• Delivered a mobile application for automating the turbine inspection service visits; yielded $800K in productivity
• Delivered $500K in productivity with a Contract management & margin tool to improve service contract visibility





- A visionary Executive combining an engineering degree with an MBA and a successful track record with global conglomerate, GE, delivering IT and operations strategies that boost business value across 24 countries and strategy experience at global consulting firm McKinsey & Co..
- An innovative strategist spearheading transformational change and digital roadmap that significantly reduces cycle times and costs while maximizing operational performance and adding new avenues for revenue expansion. Always looking at creative ways to enhance the outcomes and approach.
- A confident communicator who builds strong working relationships across cultural and language barriers and secures multi-million dollar deals. An accomplished speaker able to inspire large audiences and deliver TED Talks.
- An inspirational leader renowned for cultivating collaboration, building high impact teams and promoting shared information to deliver results against the most demanding budgets, objectives and deadlines. I am passionate about growing the team members and an invested coach.
- Able to to look at the big picture and zoom in on details to ensure issues are caught early. I am curious and constantly learning
- Significant and effective in resource planning and implementation. Always resourceful and have a track record of successful implementations in any circumstance.
- Received the Middle East CIO 100 award for 2016 and gave several TED talks at industry events and GE Leadership events
- On American University of Sharjah Advisory Board for the School of Engineering for 2016-2017