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3 years experience as head of business development for a German-owned company specialised in product development, prototyping, crowdfunding and manufacturing, mostly focusing on IoT and smart devices. Did create the whole department of business development from scratch and am now successfully managing designers, business development and marketing persons. Am setting up a US entity at the moment for full expansion.





Startups don’t fail because they are risky, but because their founders lack a sense of self-awareness or focus/time. I prevent that and show them the way. Too many ideas cannot be brought to life and make the world a better place.

I have created am now running for three years the Department of Business Development and Marketing at NOA Labs, a German-owned company specialised in product design, development, prototyping, crowdfunding and manufacturing. We mostly focus on IoT and smart devices.
Duties and Performances:
* Involved in more than 1.5M USD Projects (Design, Product Development, Manufacturing, Market Research, Branding)
* Web Design and Development
* Crowdfunding Service Created
* Crowdfunding Strategy Proprietary Method Developed
* Team Growth to 6 Members, Designers Included in
* Marketing Improvements (Monthly Newsletter, YT Videos, Infographics, Blog, Content Creation, …)
* Social Media Growth (TW: 30 to >10K genuine followers | FB: 2K to >7.5K fans | LI: 10 to >1.2K followers)
* Partnerships Developed (USA, Israel, … | SMEs, Incubators, Accelerators, ...)
* Business Trips in Different Countries and Purposes (Consumer Electronics Show, MakerFaires, …)
* Workflows and Processes Improvements (Projects Management, Internal Communications, Automation Tools, Templates, Proposals, …)
* KPIs Setup and Maintain/Improvements
* Startup Consulting
* HR Support
* Company Growth and Expansion Abroad
* Engineering and Manufacturing Suggestions

Overview of some other experiences:
* Co-Founder of an E-Commerce company in China for 2 Years (Website Implementation, Sourcing, etc)
* Bar Investor in China
* Former Biologist
* BDM for a 3D Printer Manufacturer
* Native French, Excellent English Proficiency

Feel free to reach out over email at if you:
* need information about NOA Labs’ services
* need help for your startup
* need help in China, especially Shenzhen
* just want to have a talk and talk about new opportunities ;)