Business Development in China

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Almost a year experience selling 3D printers for a brand called Rapide 3D. Did also set up the department in there.




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Startups don’t fail because they are risky, but because their founders lack a sense of self-awareness or focus/time. I prevent that and show them the way. Too many ideas cannot be brought to life and make the world a better place. I have created am now running for three years the Department of Business Development and Marketing at NOA Labs, a German-owned company specialised in product design, development, prototyping, crowdfunding and manufacturing. We mostly focus on IoT and smart devices. Duties and Performances: * Involved in more than 1.5M USD Projects (Design, Product Development, Manufacturing, Market Research, Branding) * Web Design and Development * Crowdfunding Service Created * Crowdfunding Strategy Proprietary Method Developed * Team Growth to 6 Members, Designers Included in * Marketing Improvements (Monthly Newsletter, YT Videos, Infographics, Blog, Content Creation, …) * Social Media Growth (TW: 30 to >10K genuine followers | FB: 2K to >7.5K fans | LI: 10 to >1.2K followers) * Partnerships Developed (USA, Israel, … | SMEs, Incubators, Accelerators, ...) * Business Trips in Different Countries and Purposes (Consumer Electronics Show, MakerFaires, …) * Workflows and Processes Improvements (Projects Management, Internal Communications, Automation Tools, Templates, Proposals, …) * KPIs Setup and Maintain/Improvements * Startup Consulting * HR Support * Company Growth and Expansion Abroad * Engineering and Manufacturing Suggestions Overview of some other experiences: * Co-Founder of an E-Commerce company in China for 2 Years (Website Implementation, Sourcing, etc) * Bar Investor in China * Former Biologist * BDM for a 3D Printer Manufacturer * Native French, Excellent English Proficiency Feel free to reach out over email at if you: * need information about NOA Labs’ services * need help for your startup * need help in China, especially Shenzhen * just want to have a talk and talk about new opportunities ;)