Travel & Hospitality Professional specialising in Digital (APAC/GCC)

  • 旅行(ホテル・旅館)
  • マーケティング


With other 19 years experience in E-Commerce, and over 10 years experience in the Travel/Hospitality industries, I am fluent in the commercial challenges faced by airlines and hotels.
I have successfully implemented robust and effective digital selling/marketing platforms for major brands in the Middle East and Asia, contributing over $100M in incremental revenue. I am well skilled in key challenges faced by hotels related to OTA encroachment and channel shift.





I love Digital.

A proven e-commerce, digital marketing and digital customer UX leader with experience dreaming big, getting things done, and inspiring change at large multinational organizations. I am passionate, committed and driven to create intuitive, effective, and compelling customer experiences that align with commercial targets and achieve strategic goals.

For over 18 years I have been helping brands adopt new technology and platforms to reach and convert customers online.