Global Product Marketing Manager

  • 電子部品(電源)
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Once again, the ABB’s Transformer Service Product Group was challenged to increase turn-over, as well as profit as part of the Group Service strategy creation and implementation. At the same time, the power market was in a time of change in terms of new ownership structures, green energy generation and distribution, digitalization and increased automation within an ageing infrastructure.
Targets were set to further implement the local service unit strategy and the tiered regional capabilities and at the same time increase the speed of digitalized products and services to meet the future needs of the power grids and industries across the globe.
Own capabilities were adjusted and corrective actions taken to ensure proper footprint to deliver the financial KPI’s and the strategic initiatives. As an example, the time to market of digital solutions were shortened and the CoreTec® (transformer condition monitor) and CoreSense® (gas and moisture sensor) was successfully launched paving way for smart transformers.
Results were best-in-class as sales (and margins) were kept in a stagnating market, as new technologies, services and industry segments were developed to create the next platform for profitable growth [non-disclosure].





With a solid track record with in Marketing & Sales, both as a Sales Representative, Brand Manager and as Business Development Manager, I have now built a platform Marketing and Sales as well as with in Corporate Strategy. This has been achieved both in my previous role as a Management Consultant and Business Development Manager, Global Product Marketing Manager and in my current role as Marketing Director. As I strive to further my knowledge in my every day work, I prepare myself for future challenges.

Specialties: Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Project Management, International Relations, Brand Management and Sales Effectiveness