Product Manager

  • 製薬(医療用医薬品)
  • 海外営業/海外進出


GSK’s mega brand (Seroxat®) with sales peaking at 140 MSEK in Sweden was under pressure from cheaper parallel imports and generic copies as patent were to be expire. As product manager, I was to craft and implement a strategic and tactical plan and to down scale sales operations, whilst still maximizing profits and seeking new business opportunities within the frame of the approved license.
Key decision making units were addressed and supporting facts as well as legal actions were initiated to protect the brand up until the expire of the patent. At that time, the percentage of the original brand was far higher (~30%) than that of competitors facing the same challenge (10-20%), leading to a brand contribution exceeding all budgets.





With a solid track record with in Marketing & Sales, both as a Sales Representative, Brand Manager and as Business Development Manager, I have now built a platform Marketing and Sales as well as with in Corporate Strategy. This has been achieved both in my previous role as a Management Consultant and Business Development Manager, Global Product Marketing Manager and in my current role as Marketing Director. As I strive to further my knowledge in my every day work, I prepare myself for future challenges.

Specialties: Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Project Management, International Relations, Brand Management and Sales Effectiveness