Engineering manager

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Set up and achieve KPIs for the department: Participate and confirm plans & activities of improvements for productivity, cost, and energy consumption saving and workforce: set up and Implement department’s budget: Achieve targets within schedule and end-result, control cost. Revise to approve/ propose for purchasing equipment/materials... or carrying out projects under cost control and in the most profitable manner to the company.
Maintenance Planning/ Scheduling: Preparing maintenance schedules, including tasks such as cleaning, lubrication and inspections using CMMS – CWORKS, Ensure the continuous operation of machine/ equipment as production requirement and at expected efficiency. Ensuring that outline maintenance schedules are performed, and that the teams on each shift are carrying out the autonomous maintenance tasks assigned to them.
Maintenance System Management: Participating in the receipt of new maintenance systems or changes to the current maintenance system whenever necessary. Planning necessary maintenance tasks using the maintenance system, thereby generating plans and associated work orders. Conducting a review of maintenance data in order to identify failure modes and root causes of maintenance problems and to identify problems in time
Problem Resolution: Using a suitable problem solving approach to address problems that occur during performance of routine or scheduled maintenance activities.
Automation system: to improve the process and troubleshooting by PLC programming for PCS7 Braumat system in production area (S7400), all Krones and KHS machines in Packaging area (S7300 and HMI), Utility area (refrigeration system, CO2 recovery, water treatment, waste water treatment)