Head Of Medical Affairs

  • 製薬(医療用医薬品)
  • 医療専門職


 Total industry Experience of approximately 19 years
 Set Up UCB Medical presence in ASEAN, SEA, HK and TW in 2014 (Budgeting, Hiring, SOPs, Work Process, Compliance SOPs, Training, Upscaling team)
 Launched UCB-CNS and Immunology Products and Biogen MS portfolio across ASEAN, Taiwan and Hong Kong
 Reorganized APAC medical to align with business objectives, up-scaled team presence and improved medical presence across activities and stakeholders.
 Developed Team and Departmental workings, SOP and work Process for the Medical /Scientific Initiatives in the New SEA region
 Experience in engaging and working with different internal and external stakeholder
 Experience in developing monitoring, reporting platform and parameters for measuring impact of activities
 Experience as Head of Department and managing teams of over 13 years
 Combined Experience in managing Regulatory Affairs and PV for over 8 years