Managing Partner, Executive Director

  • 食品卸(総合)
  • 経営者


15 years experience working in the alternative protein space and promoting alternative protein products. Co-founded and founded two venture capital funds focused on the alternative protein space, have made over 20 investments in alternative protein companies in Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America and South America. Wrote book on alternative protein consumers and their motivations. Five years experience conducting market research on messaging, branding, and positioning for alternative protein companies. Co-founded world's leading NGO focused on growing the alternative protein space ( ) . Founded first NGO in world focused on growing alternative protein space in Asia specifically ( )





Co-Founder of the New Crop Capital venture capital fund; co-founder of food technology non-profit the Good Food Institute; founder of animal agriculture reform charity The Humane League. Author of several books on effective philanthropy, including "How To Be Great At Doing Good" and "Change Of Heart".