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Summary of Professional Profile
Kinman is a building professional and has gained cross-disciplinary knowledge in legal and buildings. With over 10 years of experience in the construction and real estate industry, Kinman has handled projects in various disciplines including: development appraisal, project planning, team formation, consultancy management, tendering, contract management & claims, preparation for sales & marketing, and also repair/maintenance. Kinman can take a lead in planning management, project and system setting, consultants management, programme and cost management, design management, contract administration, and project delivery.
Current Engagement
Mar 2013 - Present Project Manager, C K LAU & Associates Ltd (“CKL”)
CKL is a real estate development consultant which delivers project management service and development advisory service as core business. Clients are occasional developers from a wide spectrum (e.g. non-real estate listed companies, real estate equity fund, banks, and families), or local developers which the top managements look for development advisory service. Kinman in project management services acts as an external project manager for the clients; In development advisory services, Kinman assists and works with Mr CK Lau, the founder of CKL, to provide clients with strategic advices on development matters.
Key Projects Highlight (Project Management Services):
Application of Development Permission for Various lots, at a Demarcation District in New Territories, within “CDA” zone (2017-18)
The subject site owned by the Client is located in New Territories. With the site area of over 7,000 m2, the subject site has a potential to develop several 2-3 storeys high residential houses, a total of over 2,400 m2 gross floor area. The entire CDA zone is about 8.5 hectares with multiple ownerships. Piecemeal developments are not allowed in CDA zone where submission of a master proposal for the entire zone is necessary for the approval of t





Real Estate Development Consultant | Project Management Consultant | Building Surveyor

- Town Planning ; Property Development ; Development Appraisal and Viability Study ; Planning and Development Research; Project Management