Senior Product Manager

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    • Managed a team of 12 software engineers while guiding a complete redesign of the app as well
    as a major backend/infrastructure overhaul and deployment
    • Led customer needs analysis via both user interviews as well as web app analytics to design a
    more refined and intuitive platform interface which reduced MoM churn by 4.5%
    • Conducted deep dive analysis of app configurations across entire client base which allowed for
    a 30% reduction in extraneous code and smoother customer updates/migrations resulting in
    3.5% reduced MoM churn
    • Owned and drove conversion of our development, staging, and production environments to
    Deis/Kubernetes to achieve a 48% reduction in infrastructure costs and a 25% reduction in tail





    My passion for technology and investments began when I was in High School and I became obsessed with genomics and the endless possibilities that advancements in that space had to offer. I plowed all of the money I had from various jobs into companies such as Celera Genomics and I managed to lose everything in the dotcom bust. However, a passion for tech and an appreciation for risk and the importance of timing has stayed with me to this day.

    I attended the United States Military Academy at West Point for four years where I completed an Engineering Track in Systems Engineering as well as a Major in International Relations. Due to a medical condition that has been subsequently treated I was released from the academy before graduation. I transferred to Columbia University where I completed a B.A. in International Relations with a concentration in International Trade and Economics.

    I have consulted in the I.T. sector for McKinsey & Co. and invested in and worked for Tesla Motors where I helped run Marketing Strategy and Investor Relations as well as serving a short period in Operations.

    I have performed research for the popular finance/econ blog Naked Capitalism where I focused on Mortgage Backed Securities and mortgage pipeline structure. I have also been involved with comedy writing for the Upright Citizens Brigade as well as acting for various Shakespeare performances.