Design Engineer

  • 航空機・航空機部品
  • 研究開発


Duties: Manufacturing support: Lifetime assessments (Mechanical Integrity) of components and structures with manufacturing nonconformance for turbofan jet engines including civil, military and industrial applications (stationary and rotating parts). Workpackage owner.
Development of repair solutions and improvements of components as per SixSigma approach.





Project management and leadership within complex matrix organization (cross cultural, multi- disciplinary), from Idea to Validation. Technology, new product, R&D, small/large scope.
Experience gained in various industries: automotive, power and aerospace in Switzerland, Germany, France, Japan, Poland.
Leading design groups focused on development and industrialization of hot gas components (nickel based alloys, turbine, combustion) to be Additively Manufactured (powder bed - Selective Laser Melting).
Wide engineering know-how of industrialization of AM technology (SLM):
- Critical to Quality factors for design/manufacturing
- Design for AM
- Best Practices, Design Directives
- Define roadmaps and strategies for future development.
Innovative and solution oriented approaches.
Solid commitment to the mechanical engineering profession.
Strong experience in numerical assessments of structural components:
- under cyclic thermo-mechanical loads: Lifetime and validation assessments.
- non-linear geometrical and material assessments
- lightweight structures
- isotropic and orthotropic materials, composites, laminates
- High speed simulations - crash worthiness analysis
- numerical optimization of structural parts to manufacturing and design objectives
- nonconformances of damaged structures
- Finite Element assessments, lifetime assessments, structural optimization.