Battery System Engineer

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Yifei Li is currently the Battery System Engineer for Audi China, a tier 1 vehicle company in the world. He has more than 5 years on lithium ion batteries R&D, with PhD degree focusing on materials and energy storage in the University of Houston, USA. He has published 13 papers on the top journals related to batteries or energy storage, with total citation of about 500.
In Audi China, he is currently responsible for developing the high voltage battery system for both PHEV and BEV projects for Audi e-tron system, including cell and module development, DFMEA, function safety, and supplier management (CATL, BYD, or Magna). Yifei Li was previously the senior engineer for CATL, at Ningde, Fujian. During the one year at CATL, he was responsible for development of prismatic cells and modules, safety-abuse experiment design, failure analysis. Also, he worked together with CATL's OEM customers like Nissan or Renault to proceed the R&D timeline and generate safety know-how.





6 years R&D experience on lithium ion batteries, published 13 academic papers (4 first auther's papers), total citation>400, h-index=11.
More than one year experience on battery cell and module for BEV and PHEV.